Nursery Traders’ use of large on-site roof expanse demonstrates that building roofs represent multi-purpose assets.

We utilise our roof space to:

  • capture water for re-use
  • make the best use of natural light through the use of carefully placed fibreglass roof sheets
  • capture clean, renewable solar energy.

Aiming to source the majority of the nursery’s power needs from renewable energy, we installed a total of 228 * 210 watt Kyocera solar photovoltaic panels on two of our largest roofs in two separate 114 panel systems.

Kyocera solar panelsKyocera solar panelsAt commissioning, in March 2010 this project formed Australia’s largest installation of Kyocera solar panels and Aurora inverters—and the largest installation of its type in Queensland’s private sector.

Today, our solar power system now turns a utility expense into a revenue stream where we sell excess green power to the Queensland grid. In addition, by using this renewable energy we are removing on average over 70,000 kilograms of CO2 emissions each year.

Annually we generate over 67,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity, enough to power 4.8 million compact florescent light bulbs for an hour. With ever-improving power saving measures we expect to see yearly increases in the supply of green power we make available to the Queensland electricity grid.

Our energy use changed over the years:

  • from 2009 when we used 52,813 kilowatt hours
  • to 2010 when we exported (net) 9,125 kilowatt hours
  • and most recently in 2011 when we exported (net) 20,993 kilowatt hours.

Our target now is to be a zero footprint business by end of 2025—zero water, zero power and zero waste.

Our daily solar power energy production for this month is illustrated below.