Grass trees representing biodiversity on our siteGrass trees representing biodiversity on our siteOur Chandler nursery adjoins Tingalpa Creek Reserve, home to rich flora and fauna and through which a Tingalpa Creek tributary flows to Moreton Bay.

Prior to our site upgrades, we recognised the need to preserve the reserve’s biodiversity within and working with our great team of people who share our passion for the environment we have found ways to minimise our impact on this reserve.

Our water treatment system on site includes:

  • grass swales to convey flow across the site
  • holding tanks with a capacity of 700,000 litres to capture 40 mm of stormwater run-off from the complete site with any overflow directed through the grass swales
  • filtering this water and then pumping it into above ground storage tanks to be used for watering plants in our nursery.

We also work hard to source, use and market environmentally responsible products that help conserve the biodiversity of our natural landscapes.