troforte Our vast product range is only possible because of the incredible network of our 200+ approved supply partners. With a select number of those suppliers we have an exclusive relationship, meaning that their products are only available to the market through Nursery Traders.

One of those suppliers is Langley Fertilizers Australia’s leading producer and supplier of environmentally friendly controlled release fertilizers and micronutrients. The following Langley Fertilizer products are available exclusively to Nursery Traders:

Troforte M®

Troforte M® Fertilizer range is based on natural minerals mined in Western Australia that are coated with up to 30 strains of beneficial microbes.


The microbes convert the minerals into forms that the plants can use and transport the nutrients to the root system feeding it for up to six months.

Product benefits

Because it is mineral based, it doesn’t burn the roots or leach nutrients into the environment. The unique way in which it feeds the plants means you’re reducing fertiliser use by 25% compared to conventional controlled release products, saving you time and money.


The range is packaged in a variety of sizes for both retail sale and commercial use.


Perfect for the garden and in container-grown plants where a short-to-medium-term fertilizer is needed. Ideal as a top dress to revitalise those tired plants.

Macracote® Coloniser plus

macrocote-coloniserMacracote® Coloniser plus range of Microbe coated fertilizers is seen as the beginning of a whole new principle of fertilizer application in containerised plant production.


In addition to the important role of controlling the release of nutrients in line with the desired longevity, this range of fertilizers is specially designed to colonise the root of the plant by introducing a consortium of Australian cultured soil bacteria and Mycorrhizal fungi (with over 24 strains) through the soil.

Product benefits

When used appropriately this product will:

  • promote better root development
  • extend shelf-life of container-grown plants
  • improve top growth and flowering
  • increase tolerance to water stress and diseases
  • reduce turnaround time from nursery to market
  • protect against transplant shock.


Provides the same benefits of microbial inoculation as Troforte®M, but in a wide range of formulations and longevities for commercial plant production and landscape plantings. Use where specific formulations or fertilizing for up to 14 months is required. Patented dual coating technology and rated at 24oC delivers exceptional performance even in hot, harsh conditions.

Macracote® Phytamin Plus

macrocote-phytaminMacracote® Phytamin Plus is a technologically advanced commercial range of Controlled Release Fertilizers, coated with a unique resin to ensure precision in the release of nutrients in an effective and very predictable manner.


Specified longevity is achieved by incorporating a uniquely developed formulation of additives which act as release agents within its tough and flexible resin coating. The product is also fortified with potent concentrations of amino acid-mineral complex and essential vitamins, and contains many growth hormones including cytokinins, auxins and gibberellins.

Product benefits

With regular use this product will:

  • improve plant growth
  • help fight stressful situations and recovery
  • stimulate cell division
  • encourage larger root systems.


Available in three formulations for natives, general purpose and high nitrogen. Each formulation is available in 5-6, 8-9 and 12-14 month longevities.