Trade partners

Nursery Traders' trade partners are crucial differentiators to our business. More than suppliers, our trade partners—who are selected following a rigorous process—dedicate their unique, high-value products and services to Nursery Traders—enabling us to share these high quality benefits with our clients.

These partnerships are the result of our diligent research, product investigation and market analysis—sparing our clients that same effort and giving them confidence that our trade partner products are market leaders.

Nursery Traders also boasts a range of product exclusives—because our commitment to continuous improvement drives us to find the best products and services available for our discerning clients.

Meet our trade partners ...

Langley Fertilizers

Langley Fertilizers is, today, Australia's leading producer and supplier of environmentally friendly controlled release fertilizers and micronutrients. Langley has a strong standing in Australian and overseas markets, building on their long history as manufacturers, wholesalers and exporters of fertilizer products for the nursery, horticulture, forestry, agriculture and garden industries.

An Australian-owned success story, Langley brings sustainable, environmentally friendly and ground-breaking technology to both the home gardener and commercial enterprises.

Check out the Langley products available exclusively in Queensland to Nursery Traders here.

Plant Delivery Service

Plant Delivery Service (PDS) is a specialist carrier of plant material, located on site at Nursery Traders' nationwide plant distribution centre. Nursery Traders has enjoyed an exceptional relationship with PDS for more than ten years. Our successful partnership and PDS's willing, meticulously professional approach to business ensures Nursery Traders' deliveries are on time and trouble-free.

PDS currently runs 10 pantechnicons of up to 22 tonnes—all-purpose fitted out to make sure our plants are transported securely and safely. Their contemporary fleet and professional friendly and very flexible transport team offer us and our clients worry-free delivery solutions.


Formerly known as Ibis Software, Synerjetx is a sister company of Nursery Traders that we acquired in 2008.  Synerjetx is a client-focused, computer systems development company that designs and delivers innovative, customised, software solutions for businesses. Their acclaimed software package is used by clients in both the nursery industry and fresh food markets and is suited to businesses with the most demanding inventory, sales and rigorous transaction traceability requirements.