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How do I apply to become a shopper?

Complete our online client accreditation form and we'll be in touch to confirm your application and welcome you to our market.

How long does my application take to be processed?

Authenticating applications to ensure that potential clients are trade only protects you and your business. Naturally this takes time, however we aim to process all applications each Tuesday.

How do I place an order?

You can place an order with the team in our Chandler market when you visit next or online via our product catalogue, by fax, email, or over the phone. Just visit our website service desk to look at the range of options you have.

Can I arrange delivery and how much will it cost?

We can arrange delivery through our preferred transport company at a time suitable to you or you can collect your order from our Chandler market. Naturally, delivery costs vary depending on the size of the products and the delivery destination.

Can I have my order delivered at a specified time?

With an on-site distribution centre utilised by several plant transport companies we can generally arrange delivery at the time that you require provided we have sufficient time to collate the order and notify the transport company. We can also arrange urgent deliveries when you need your supplies in a hurry.

When do I have to pay?

We are a cash 'n' carry market so unless you have made prior specific credit arrangements with us, we require payment before the order is dispatched.

Can I have an account? I thought completing the client accreditation form entitled me to a credit arrangement.

After approval, our accreditation application allows you to shop on a cash 'n' carry basis. We only offer credit arrangements in very special circumstances but please feel free to contact our administration team if you want to discuss applying for your company.

I have an ABN, why can't I shop?

As a wholesale supplier to the trade our clients must be on-sellers of our products or purchase them as an integral part of their normal business. Our clients are typically florists, retailers, garden centres, schools, landscapers, builders and developers, local and state government and large corporations.

Why is Nursery Traders only open to trade? Why can't I bring my client along to select and pay for their plants?

As a trade-only business our premises are only accessible to our accredited trade clients and third-party agents employed by our clients who are authorised to shop on their behalf.

The trade-only principle is central to any wholesale supply business and allows us to continue to deliver competitive value to our industry clients, and avoid otherwise inevitable conflict over pricing, product availability and market accessibility.

Why do I have to pay a packing and handling fee on my order?

Prices displayed on our product catalogue and in our market apply to self-select cash 'n' carry purchases. Orders that require our team to physically compile and pack product incur an additional cost which is usually 10% of the order value.

Do we have to pay for a quote?

Nursery Traders is pleased to provide quotations free of charge.

Can we select stock to pick up at a later time?

We are happy for you to pick up your cash 'n' carry stock at a later date. However, there may be a small holding fee depending on how long the stock is left with us.

How long does it take to complete a quotation?

We work hard to respond to quotations within 48 hours. The response time varies slightly on the nature, diversity and quantity of stock requested. Either way, we'll keep in touch so you will know when to expect your quote.

Potential suppliers

Who is Nursery Traders?

Nursery Traders is an innovative wholesale landscape supply company. We are a comprehensive, single-source pivot point for industry, scaled to meet every conceivable landscape supply need in one streamlined, efficient operation. Our clients go online, visit our cash 'n' carry market or contact our sales team to find the products they want.

How do I become a supplier?

If you believe in quality, and working together to improve your market access we'd love to hear from you. Visit our supplier portal to complete the supply partner application and let us know about your product range. Once we identify opportunities for your products, we'll then contact you to discuss marketing your quality products, and talk about the supply partner accreditation process.

What do I have to do first?

Visit our supplier portal to complete the supply partner application and let us know about your product range.

How would I be paid?

We pay our supply partners fortnightly for settled sales, transferring the funds electronically. We pride ourselves on never having missed a settlement day since we opened our doors in 1983!

Supply partners

Who do I see about bringing in a new product or extra stock?

We welcome new products and new releases and also requests for additional space in the market. This can be done through our online supplier portal.

Can I have a high profile spot for a short time for a special product?

We have designated high profile areas in the market and on our website for promoting special products. Please visit our online supplier portal to submit your request.