Nursery Traders - The Green Gateway®

Nursery Traders is your business’s gateway to a green world.

We offer the largest range of greenlife product in any single Queensland location – retailers, plant hire, florists, garden care, builders, developers, landscapers, governments and large corporations alike use us as a single point of supply for all of their landscaping needs.

As Queensland’s premier nursery market wholesalers with immense networks and a world-class facilities and supporting procedures, we are not bound by product range, availability, location or risk. So we’re able to meet the most targeted and titanic needs of our clients.


  • COVID-19

    There is no doubt, COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has, and will continue to dramatically impact global, social and economic conditions.  It has forced us to look at the very way in which we live, breathe and behave.  We know that like us, you are all doing your best to protect your business, your loved ones and yourselves. There has been much media coverage on this topic, and everyone has an opinion! For us we will keep our message short, sharp and focused. Please click 'read more'



  • Garden like a pro with Rocky Point Mulching

    Garden like a pro this Spring with Rocky Point Mulching and Nursery Traders! We stock a wide range of fertiliser, potting mixes and mulch in store. No matter what the project, we'll find a product to meet your specific gardening needs.